HV Suspension Clamp ( HV SC)

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Sirim Tested :

Able to withstand a minimum breaking load of 20kN for 1 minute.

HV  Suspension Clamp (33kV) is designed to support a 33kV Insulated Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC)

with the sizes of  3 x 50mm2, 3 x 150mm2, and 3 x 185mm2.

The HV Suspension Clamp’s body is fully supplied with the tightening piece consisting of HDG bolt and clamp.

It enables the messenger cable to be locked together with the suspension groove.

The weight of the suspension clamp 33kV is 340 g.

Application :-

It is used to suspend the 50mm2 Galvanized Stranded Messenger Steel Wire

of the Medium Voltages Aerial Bundle Cables (11kV and 33kV)

It is supported via another ABC accessories known as the Triangular Brackets


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